Known for Excellence in Everything We Do

When the success of your venture depends on the acquisition of precision molding and parts, Holzmeyer is a partner armed with decades of experience and the finest technology of the day--a partner capable of manufacturing the parts you need to within tolerances of fifty microns.

At Holzmeyer, we have built a worldwide reputation for quality by providing a complete array of precision molding, tooling , and stamping services.  This reputation can be seen when companies that have in-house molding operations turn to us when they need special expertise with parts that provide maximal durability for minimal cost.

We pride ourselves on our performance and quality. �We use Statistical Process Control and other proven techniques to ensure that each shipment will be on-time and up to the highest level of quality that your success depends upon.

While you will be impressed by our precision, you will be comfortable with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. �They understand your needs and will strive to provide you with the greatest value for your time and will get the job done correctly the first time.

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